Decoration, canvas pictures and other accessories

Decoration is absolutely essential for a beautiful home, but only once the walls are decorated is the room fully finished. That’s why we’ve declared war on your empty walls and now we want to present you with wall accessories with great potential for your home decoration!

Wall decorations are the easiest and most versatile way to personalise, finish and perfect your home and give it a new look according to your personal preferences. If you want to give your four walls a flexible and alterable update and you like working with current trends, you’ve struck gold.

We have plenty of wall accessories to complement your interior design, particularly for the living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen, but also for the children’s room and nursery. There are no limits to the interior design styles either: whether you like boho wall decoration featuring macramé, modern wall decoration, decoration ideas for the country-house look with fine wood details or wall accessories with floral and plant-based prints – there are no limits to your creativity.But that’s exactly why the decision to create perfect wall decoration is not particularly easy. Searching through the latest home living trends for design and decoration gets many people excited, but still leaves certain questions unanswered. That’s why we want to present you with certain creative possibilities to find the wall decoration that suits you and your home best.

Canvas pictures as a uniquely eye-catching feature

If you love the designs on our non-woven wallpapers and photo wallpapers, then you’ll love the same motifs on a stretcher frame! If you have already hung photo wallpaper or a non-woven wallpaper on your wall, you can complete your room’s look very simply with the complementary motif. But regardless of whether or not your walls are wallpapered, our stretcher frames can make a big difference in your favourite room and perfect your look. After all, canvas photos and canvas prints allow your home to make a final statement and freshen up the ambience of the walls in no time. It has also never been simpler to add artistic design to your home with so little effort.

The effect of the room is invitingly enhanced thanks to selected canvas pictures and is emphasised by a timeless and popular detail. Here too, there are no limits on your taste: the canvas pictures can be selected to match with the colour scheme of your interior design but also to match the design of the canvas picture, to complete your private oasis of wellbeing with impressive wall accessories.

It is, therefore, down to each individual whether they would prefer their canvas picture to feature a modern or abstract design or if they would actually like one with flowers or a forest. See for yourself by browsing through our large selection of different photo wallpaper designs for canvas and stretcher frames, exclusively here at new-walls.

Decorative panels add highlights to your wall

Panels which have as many different aspects as you. You don’t need to do much to give your four walls a breath of fresh air. High-quality panels can be used in a wide variety of ways on walls, doors and cupboards and often act as optical room separators. Using decorative panels, you can highlight a wall using one single strip of wallpaper, which is a very quick and effective way to pep up your wall design. These popular panels are available either with patterns or as photo wallpapers. You can, therefore, choose between the various design options to consciously add highlights. Decorative panels will impress you with their colourful, modern and unusual designs. Wood structures, faded maritime decorations in shabby chic or the vintage look, big city skylines, amusing colourful motifs for children’s rooms and many other motifs are suitable for creative interior design. But that isn’t all: you can also choose between normal and self-adhesive panels.

The self-adhesive decorative panels are particularly impressive thanks to their easy application and can be applied to the wall in just a few steps. The self-adhesive panels are also available in a 3D look, as the tactile textured surfaces create the fascinating 3D effect of the panel and make the motif particularly vivid. Decorative panels are another great accessory for your home.

Decorative cushions – an all-rounder for every interior

The change of seasons passed by more quickly than you thought, and now you can barely wait to update your home to create the perfect atmosphere of well-being? With decoration, this can be achieved in the blink of an eye, but nothing changes the impact of a room as quickly as decorative cushions. On a whim, you can create a totally new look in a flash. It’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood! Decorative cushions are also suitable for experimentation with more daring patterns and colours, perhaps in combination with completely new interior design styles. None of that is a problem, as decorative cushions do draw the desired attention to themselves and are real highlights, but they don’t take up too much space, which is why they only ever accentuate the effect of the room as a supporting feature and never give it its overall tone. For this reason, decorative cushions very rarely seem obtrusive. These effective design options can also be used in any room, because the enhancing designs of our most popular wallpaper patterns are really eye-catching and suit every space. Whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, children’s room, hallway or in good weather outside too: make statements and add highlights to your interior with great designs in luxurious quality from our online shop.

Borders add an accent to the wall

Decoration is essential for a cosy home with an unlimited feel-good factor, making every one of us happy every single time. Furniture is usually indispensable in interior design and makes up a large part of the room's effect, but it is the small details that give the whole thing personality. Borders bring everything together. Borders are narrow strips of wallpaper which usually feature a decorative pattern and create popular variety on the walls. They are considered the most popular detail when it comes to wall design with good reason! But in addition, borders also form a visual boundary for several wallpaper designs, for example, as a decorative separator of single-colour and patterned wallpapers on a wall. For wall design, borders are, of course, a simple yet ingenious solution for expressing one's own creativity with many different colour and design combinations on a wall. Borders, therefore, help you to completely live out your creative potential with a great deal of inspiration. In addition, the popular wall accessory offers plenty of ideas to round off your interior design in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and children’s room. But borders also offer many design options in their own right: for children’s rooms, in particular – there are plenty of different options for integrating borders in a child-friendly way. For this, you will find a wide selection of motifs for children’s rooms including dinosaurs, princesses and other suitable patterns. And beyond children’s rooms, there are plenty of other options: from plain to dotted through to colourful patterns, everything is possible and there are no limits on your personal ideas. So dodge boredom and give your home a flexible upgrade and lighten up your walls with a harmonious border that matches your interior style, beautifying your rooms without a great deal of effort.
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