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Are you finding it hard to choose the right wallpaper? Or are you not sure which colour is best for your room or your feature wall? Then simply order our free sample.

At, registered users have the opportunity to order free samples. Simply create a personal customer account, log in and use the order function on the product page.

Create a customer account and order free samples!

wallpaper samples with product information

The free New-Walls sample service at a glance:

  • Up to ten free of charge wallpaper/border samples and more
  • Material samples for our photo wallpapers
  • Approx. A4-sized samples to test and rate the product

With new-walls sample service, you can compare the wallpapers of your choice in the convenience of your own home. This way you will see every little detail, you can rate the patterns and colours and decide on your favourites. You have the ideal opportunity to evaluate metallic effects, structural patterns and embossed textures with tactile patterns.

3 steps to free sample delivery:


Register and log into your personal customer account. You can find the registration form using the ‘Register’ customer icon or via the ‘Enter order data’ login screen. Now you can enter your data, confirm your agreement with the data privacy policy and register.

Welcome to your personal user area – here you can retain an overview of orders and personal data.


Now that you are registered, you can get started! Browse the range and select up to ten wallpapers or borders. Next to each item for which you can order a sample, you will see the option ‘Add a free sample to your shopping basket’. Tick this box and click on the shopping basket button. The sample will appear in your shopping basket overview immediately.


If you have made your selection, all you have to do is place your order. Make sure that all the items you want are present in your shopping basket and select your method of payment.

If you are only ordering samples within Germany, the total amount will be €0.00! In this case, you should select the pre-payment payment method.

If you are ordering samples for delivery to other countries, delivery costs will apply and you have the choice of other different payment methods.

After ordering, your sample selection will be put together and sent to you within 4-5 working days in letter format.

selection of wallpaper patterns laid out in a fan

10 samples to select at home!

The sample service is intended to help you to find the right wallpapers and to give you a precise impression of the quality, composition and effect of the wallpapers. No uncertainty, no bad buys, no returns – ordering wallpapers online doesn’t need to be inconvenient or risky.

You can be confident when ordering samples at Select up to ten favourites, compare the samples in your home and then order the wallpaper of your dreams in the right quantity.

Our samples are approx. A4 in size and will show you the design and the characteristics of the wallpapers and borders.

Too many favourites? Take a look at the details and rule out the wallpapers that don’t meet your needs. By looking at the wallpaper symbols you can determine which wallpapers are suitable for your wallpapering project.

We will help you look for the right wallpaper and we will advise you on sample selection. Contact us via email on, describe your wallpapering project and your style to us and we will recommend our favourite wallpapers for your sample order.

selection of wallpaper patterns in comparison on the wall

Material samples for photo wallpapers

For our photo wallpapers, we send material samples of our non-woven wallpapers for digital printing. They are printed with a standard motif and show the colour effect and surface texture of the materials. You will find more information on the types of non-woven material on our advice page.

Materalproben Vlies mit Standardmotiv und Produktinformationen

Assess the samples at home

detail view structure embossed wallpaper with relief surface

Metallic colours

close-up of textured wallpaper with foamed surface texture

Structure & Embossed pattern

detail of glitter effect wallpaper

Glitter effects

Digital wallpapers

If you’re impatient and you need inspiration today, then take a look at our room visualiser. With this digital tool, you can work out what the wallpapers might look like in your room.

On the product page, select the option ‘Display wallpaper in your room’, upload a picture of your wall and your walls will be digitally wallpapered.

Find your dream wallpaper using our sample ordering service!

You are guaranteed to find beautiful wallpaper at Tapetenshop. Often you are spoilt for choice, which makes it difficult to make a decision. Sometimes you need a sample to touch and feel and to be sure that the colour isn’t too light or too dark. Or whether the tone of the colour is right and the wallpaper creates the atmosphere that you want for your home environment.

Buying wallpaper becomes much easier if you use the sample service and you can see and compare designs, colours and patterns on location. If you take the time to order the right selection for preview with the sample service from new-walls, you will find matching wall decor and wallpapers to combine that are sure to look good.

Have fun choosing!

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