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It’s simply an absolute must and essential for every home: the boho interior design style.
This trendy style can be found in more and more homes. Find the right boho wallpaper for your home here.

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The designation ‘boho’ – or more specifically ‘bohème’ – originates from an intellectual group in France, representing creative free spirits.

It’s a match: boho & decoration

The title is a giveaway – the boho style and decoration work perfectly together. Decoration is vital to the boho style, to be precise. That’s why, in addition to our boho wallpapers, you will now also find canvas pictures and decorative cushions in our ranges from this popular interior style. Have fun creating your design! ♥

Vinyl wallpapers with that extra something special

This hard-wearing, alterable material offers special shine and surface effects and turns wallpapers into really eye-catching features with a charm of their own. Vinyl wallpapers are amongst the most durable wallpapers and are, therefore, ideal for high traffic areas of the home, which are subject to a lot of strain.


It’s simply an absolute must and essential for every home: the boho interior design style. It came into being alongside the free-spirited lifestyle of the 1970s, a far cry from conventions – and right now, the boho trend is offering us more inspiration than any other style.

Previously described as ‘hippy chic’, this style combination which is bursting with detail, is particularly characterised by the used look and vintage elements in combination with unconventional influences, and so it offers us an endlessly cosy feeling in the room, inviting us to dream. Cosiness is key to the boho style: plenty of decorative elements and details, naturally brilliant colours, details inspired by folklore and Oriental patterns on carpets, furniture and also in the wall design itself allow emotions and memories to blossom and give free rein to our own thoughts. Far from monotonous dullness, boho always has a story to tell, always has a personality with an individual interpretation and is never based on clear lines – that’s exactly what completes the delightful charm of this harmonious overall image.

The name ‘boho’ originates from ‘Bohémien’ and goes back to the 19th century, when artists, philosophers and poets came together to form the so-called Bohème, to give expression to the pursuit of freedom and the rebellion against outdated norms. Their goal was to live a colourful and unconventional lifestyle with a wide variety of interior design influences. This lifestyle and interior design style was adopted by hippy culture in the 1970s because of the free lifestyle that fits in with it – later, it was also rediscovered by artists. Today, the popular boho style particularly stands for an inspiring mix and match of a wide variety of used look and vintage elements, combined with harmoniously playful influences and a cosy feeling of well-being. These attributes form the basis for the personal interpretation of the colourful interior design trends with informal hippy flair, which no other interior design can embody in the same way. The personality and history of the individual bohemian style are also important, as there are no rules for this interior design style. Personal memories and objects, as well as hand-crafted decorations, work together particularly harmoniously with the batik patterns, rattan, fringes and macramés and lovingly complete the charm of the boho trend.
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