Cities & Skyline Photo Wallpaper

Skyscrapers and city views

Got a yearning for the metropolis? We will bring the urbane feeling to your own four walls!

Photo wallpaper with special views

For all those with a yearning for the urban jungle and anyone who wants to improve their view by featuring their dream city, we’ve got exactly the right photo wallpapers for you.

Digital print wallpaper
for city fans

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for your favourite city or if you’re a fan of architecture, urban design or a view of a skyscraper; you’ll find what you’re looking for at

Photo wallpapers instead of city breaks

With our XXL photo wallpapers, you will have a bird’s eye view of the metropolises of the world from unusual perspectives and in all their incomparable beauty. Let our photo wallpapers entice you away to New York, Paris, London or Berlin.

Big views and hidden details

Enjoy your favourite city skyline and discover how playful, charming and modern urban architecture can be.

Skylines and cities

City and skyline photo wallpapers have been popular ever since they were first created. The impressive images with high levels of precision and the wide view over the city’s skyline ensures that observers look at the motifs again and keep rediscovering them without getting sick of them.

These unusual city wallpapers not only make it possible to bring a piece of the metropolis into your own four walls, you can also immortalise your favourite city or your home city so that you can always look at your memories of city life again and again. It doesn’t matter if you want to capture the view of the skyscrapers of New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the street feeling of Tokyo, these detail-rich photo wallpapers at will give you all the options you need. They don’t always need to be realistic photo motif wallpaper – how about architectural sketches or graffiti-look street art?

In addition to the classic skylines, you will also find unusual perspectives amongst our city photo wallpapers. For example, looking up to the sky, where skyscrapers made from chrome and glass extend up into the heavens. No matter whether they feature urban canyons, skylines or tourist spots – photo wallpapers are ideal for city kids and all those who dream of a multicultural metropolis.

Urban photo wallpapers also provide you with an eye for small details and city architecture. Maybe it’s historic old towns or modern office complexes that get you excited – it doesn’t matter. With a few strips of wallpaper, you can bring the city into your home, your office or wherever else you want to enjoy a better view.

Photo wallpapers with city motifs are not only ideal for leisure tourists and lovers of all things urban, they are also increasingly finding their way onto the walls of travel agencies, advertising agencies or trendy street cafés.

Discover even more photo wallpapers in our shop – for example, why not choose industrial-style wallpapers – they can be optimally combined with photo wallpapers. Brick walls or concrete effects will create a rustic, raw feel in your home and will turn your photo wallpaper with a view into the star of the show. Plain wallpapers offer a neutral background, and with the right colours, you can still highlight the mood of the photo wallpaper.

Enjoy a different view in every room – that’s no problem with photo wallpapers! The Eiffel Tower of Paris in your living room, the Statue of Liberty in your bedroom or a view of Berlin in the kitchen? It doesn’t always have to be an urban view – anyone who wants a naturally fresh balance should also look at our landscape photo wallpaper section.
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