Marble Wallpaper

Marble is a must! 

If there's one trend that's inescapable and omnipresent these days, it's marble! The unusual and striking effect created by marble means that it has long been a bestseller for all modern lifestyles. 

Photo wallpapers

Marble effect wallpapers are very popular as photo wallpapers. Here you will find a large product palette of marble wallpapers. You’re certain to find the right one for you.

Influencer x Marble

On social media, minimalist elegant marble wallpaper is also viewed as a popular highlight.

@jessyslovelyhome shows off her modern but cosy home. Her subscribers can all see the white marble digital print on her living room wall.

@aenna_xoxo shows off her interior design to her followers in her regular posts. Our black and white marble wallpapers adorn the walls of her living room and bedroom.

Discover the world of marble wallpapers...

...and let your walls exude elegance!

Marble decor? Yes, please.

Can’t get enough of marble? Nor can we!
You can also discover our high-quality canvas pictures with your favourite marble motifs and perfect your interior look with our colour coordinated cushions!

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Anyone who wants to keep pace in fields such as trend-conscious interior design and contemporary design will not be able to ignore this special interior design style: the marble look.

The unusual and eye-catching effect that marble brings has long been established as a bestseller for fashionable homes of all types, and it is impossible to imagine a stylish, original space without it. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or hall: the black and white material look is an absolute highlight for any room and also creates a new and individual feeling in the home. Anyone who loves a high-quality, innovative and timeless interior will get their full money’s worth with photo wallpapers and non-woven wallpapers with this popular look.

Marble has been quarried for over 3,000 years and served as an important material for building and art in ancient Greece and was of essential value in fields such as architecture and sculpture due to its refined appearance. Still today, marble is still seen as a sign of good taste and is once again experiencing an upturn! A photo wallpaper or a non-woven wallpaper can complement almost any modern interior design. Minimalist or Nordic interior design styles are perfectly enhanced by a marble effect wallpaper. These trendy wallpapers look very subtle and clean in the room, which is why so many interior design fans find marble so charming. But if you want to bring more warmth into your home, you should work with copper-coloured decoration, as they complement the choice of blue, grey and pink colour accents in the wallpaper. In order to perfectly complete your wallpaper experience and to provide you with first-class marble wallpaper, you can choose from various types of wallpaper, prints and structures.

For a clean and modern living environment, we recommend furniture and home accessories in black and white. Alternatively, light wood furniture will also go well with your marble wallpaper. In this way, you can create a bright and friendly ambience in the Scandinavian style.

In addition, marble doesn’t always just have to be black and white; it can be black and white, beige or even colourful. The unique structure of the material can look impressive in many different colours. Select from several different colour variations, prints and structures to find the marble wallpaper which fits perfectly with you and your interior design.

Thanks to our high-quality non-woven material, working with our wallpaper is child’s play, whether you have chosen photo wallpapers or ordinary patterned wallpaper. Different finishing techniques also produce special effects from matt to gloss to emphasise the motif and its special effect.

So there’s nothing to come between you and your perfect marble wallpaper.
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