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From now on you get these great rainbow wallpapers for children in our shop. Bright colors and simple designs are waiting for the move into baby or children's room.

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Photo wallpaper for children

With wall-filling photo wallpapers for children, you can transform the walls of your little ones into the most diverse dream worlds!

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Change of scenery in the children's room

Those who grow quickly, their style and taste change with them. The once so beloved dinosaur or princess wallpaper quickly becomes "embarrassing". But that's no problem at all, because our non-woven wallpapers are completely and dry removable. So the children's room becomes a pad for the teenager.


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The children's room is the room that we remember from childhood as a place of safety and security. Create such an atmosphere for your child with the dream wallpaper that accompanies through childhood and brings joy with fancy motifs and bright colors. Because nothing is more beautiful than the shine of children's eyes!

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Neutral wallpaper for a simple children's room

Children's room furnishing made easy: neutral pattern wallpapers and unit wallpapers help you to keep your children's room gender neutral. Unit wallpapers are particularly suitable for small baby and children's rooms. They make the room look bigger and prevent a cluttered and chaotic look.