Children's Wall Mural

Photo wallpapers for children and parents

In our large selection, there is sure to be a motif that appeals to both parent and child and which can transform the kids’ room as a highlight.

Styles and motifs

Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms are generally not only colourful, these little designers also dare to go for designs with more detailed motifs. This can also include beautiful photo wallpapers from other sections.

Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms

We will show you what you need to take into account when you buy photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms online and how to design your very own photo wallpaper which looks perfect in the room for your baby, kid or teen.

Find out how to design a varied kids’ room, how easy it is to hang photo wallpapers made from non-woven material, which special characteristics digital prints have and why you will always win by hanging a photo wallpaper in a children’s room, and not just visually.

Here you will find out everything about photo wallpapers for boys and girls: We will show you the most popular trends, neutral and gender-specific designs, and we explain what makes photo wallpapers into an individual decor. The most beautiful wallpapers also look at home in children’s rooms!

Boys and girls will love the colourful designs in an XXL format; vivid and themed motifs turn photo wallpaper for kids’ rooms into an attention-grabbing feature in the kids’ kingdom – no matter their age.

From small to big! We have photo wallpapers for children of all age categories.

Digital print designs for baby’s room

At this point, mum and dad are still making all the decisions about the design and decoration of their offspring’s new home. The little occupant of the nursery needs to feel at home straight away – and attractive wall design is a big part of this.

Cute photo wallpapers with teddy motifs, colourful mountain landscapes or a starry sky are the attractive alternatives to boring white walls. They create a feeling of harmony and beauty in the child-friendly interior design of the first kids’ room. Whether you choose a gender-specific room design or neutral patterns is completely up to you.

Here you will find a large number of neutral decor styles with minimalist patterns, such as Scandi stripes, through to naturally beautiful jungle photo wallpapers in a hand-drawn style featuring exotic animals. There are also the classic motifs for boys and girls in baby blue or delicate pink. Photo wallpapers for the nursery mean that all visitors will know whose home it is.

The varied designs of the non-woven photo wallpapers will give a former study or guest bedroom a new purpose. The digital prints can be used to either decorate a whole wall or can be hung as a panel. You don’t need to re-wallpaper the whole room – rather, buy a great value photo wallpaper online and make a strong statement that makes the room into a child-friendly living environment.

Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms

Once the little ones are out of their romper suits, they usually already have their own ideas about how their room should look. They will help to choose the photo wallpapers to adorn their four walls. With the large motifs, the kids’ room becomes a wonderfully beautiful place to play and feel good.

Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms featuring forest animals, farmyard motifs or the menagerie in a zoo are firm favourites in the age group between young children and older adolescents.

Maritime photo wallpapers with ocean-dwelling animals, fish, octopuses or pirate ships will enjoy great popularity amongst little adventurers. Fairytale characters such as fairies, dragons, unicorns, knights and princesses bring bedtime stories to the walls.

What makes the design of photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms so special is the way they dare to use colours, striking patterns or very special styles. The selection is huge and includes boys’ favourites: space designs, sports themes, music or technology; and for girls: nature designs, animals, art or striking patterns and glitter effects.

Photo wallpapers for teenagers

It’s a good thing that non-woven photo wallpapers are quick to hang and simple to replace, as kids often change their tastes and interests more often as they get older. Teenagers love photo wallpapers with 3D effects and motifs that highlight their individuality.

Sport-loving teenagers will transform their own four walls into their home stadium with football wallpaper and match the other walls to their team colours. Not only do lovers of music decorate their rooms with fan posters, they also choose photo wallpapers with music-inspired designs. Trendy teens opt for the designs that their idols exemplify, such as marble photo wallpapers or the rustic look of stone wall photo wallpapers with graffiti design.

Young people will turn their rooms into their own domain with the right non-woven photo wallpaper, with self-assured style and plenty of character. No one comes close to teenagers when it comes to creativity and the courage to create unusual designs. Metallic and neon colours, mixed patterns and 3D photo wallpapers are the undisputed favourites when it comes to wallpapers for teenagers’ rooms.

Not only that: teens often decide for themselves what they like and often seek out photo wallpapers that are in no way classic children’s wallpapers. When buying wallpapers online, don’t make any style compromises and choose an individual design with the photo wallpapers from

Hanging photo wallpapers: one wall transforms an entire room!

Now that you have chosen the right photo wallpaper, now you will need to hang it. You could ask a decorator to do it, or get to work yourself with some paste and a brush and hang the motif in the kids’ room. With this high-quality non-woven material, new walls photo wallpapers turn wallpapering into child’s play.

The dimensionally stable non-woven material in 1-metre wide strips needs to be hung on the wall in numbered sequence using the paste-the-wall technique. First, apply the individual strips to the pasted wall, ensuring a seamless transition for the motif, then you need to press down the non-woven material with a wallpaper brush or a roller and then roll over the edge joints to create a great XXL wall mural. Here you will find our wallpaper tools bundle with all the important tools you need to get started.

Not only that: you will find a comprehensive wallpapering guide for non-woven wallpapers on our wallpapering advice page. We will reveal how to hang your wallpaper on a step-by-step, and we will give you tips for a perfect result.

Quality products for your kids’ room

Why should you choose photo wallpapers from new walls? – Apart from the attractive motifs, our non-woven photo wallpapers offer outstanding qualities which will impress you.

We only print our photo wallpapers on a non-woven material that is specially designed for use on walls and which fulfils the current certification standards in Germany and the EU.

When decorating children’s rooms, it’s always vital to think about safety and compatibility. Many parents worry about how compatible the products are with their children’s health. You should also pay attention to the certification and awards obtained for the photo wallpaper.

At, all non-woven photo wallpapers bear the RAL quality mark, the FSC quality mark and the CE EN 13501-1 mark. Our materials are subject to constant quality checks and technical standard controls. They correspond to the compatibility specifications for construction materials and are produced in an environmentally aware manner. If you need to find out more about this, then take a look at our advice pages with information about wallpaper symbols. You will find all information on photo wallpapers online on the product page and on the wallpapering insert which comes with your order.

Long-lasting, light-resistant and washable – new walls photo wallpapers are not only quick to hang on the wall, they have the right characteristics to ensure they will look great for a long time. The high-quality colours of the photo wallpapers also retain their vivid colours, even when they are frequently subjected to rays of light, e.g. with a south-facing window. If required, they can also be carefully wiped down with a damp cloth. This means that they are also suitable for the special demands of kids’ rooms.

And if your children’s style changes or if your teenager’s room needs to be transformed back into an office, you can simply remove the non-woven photo wallpaper from the wall and hang new wallpaper from scratch.

Our production location in Germany, where the new photo wallpapers are produced ‘on demand’. This means that the photo wallpaper is only printed once you have chosen a motif and the exact size. You will therefore receive an individual product that is perfectly tailored to your wall, and you can also be certain that the goods have been manufactured to high-quality standards, fairly and with consideration for the environment.

Design personalised photo wallpapers for children’s rooms

Visit online to adapt a wide variety of our photo wallpapers to your individual needs and to buy them at great prices. To do so, use the photo wallpaper configurator on the product page. Here, you can adapt the dimensions of the photo wallpaper to the exact measurements of your wall and adapt, position and crop the motif. You can rotate and mirror the motif and change the colour too. Try it out and discover how individual your wall design can look.

And if you can’t find the right product for you, then we will also be happy to print out your own motif following a consultation. Get in touch with our service team, and we will help you to order a photo wallpaper with your own motif.

In this way, your children’s rooms can become an art gallery for your little artists. We are looking forward to your creative ideas, personal drawings or family photos for your own individual wall design.

Find the perfect photo wallpaper for kids’ rooms

We will present the latest and most popular photo wallpapers, especially for children, on our trend pages, so you’ll be able to find the first motifs quickly and purposefully. In addition, you can discover lots more photo wallpapers for kids via the collection search or use the filter options on the wallpaper search to find the exact selection of our products to meet your requirements.

If you need help with selecting the motif, you should ask your children what they think or ask our service team – they will support you with suggestions and give you tips and design recommendations. For example, they will help with questions about small rooms, high ceilings, roof slopes and, of course, for all questions about online orders and purchases at new walls.

Often it’s also worth taking a look at the other photo wallpaper theme worlds for a more grown-up look or a really unusual motif that can’t be found in any other kids’ room.

With a photo wallpaper, you can transform your whole room, and if you want a colourful motif in wall format, you can either avoid wallpapering the other walls, or you can simply combine the photo wallpaper with a matching plain wallpaper. Not only that, but in our online shop, you will also find photo wallpaper panels and wallpaper borders in non-woven materials and with the perfect patterns to create an all-round design in your children’s room.

Go on a tour of discovery, find your new photo wallpaper and order your digital print online. Once you’ve determined the dimensions, non-woven material and motif, you will be given a digital preview so that you can see what the photo wallpaper can look like before purchasing. Create a place with special charm where your kids will feel good using photo wallpaper.

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