Ocean Photo Wallpaper

Sea view photo wallpapers!

Water as far as the eye can see – with our photo wallpapers featuring sea motifs, you will bring very special views of the sea and oceans, coastal landscapes and beaches into your home.

More sea views – if you can’t get enough of them...

We have a unique fascination with the sea, which recurs again and again as a magnificent landscape of waves and sky in countless shades of blue and in every colour mood under the sun or the night sky. Buy your dream wallpaper featuring the sea online now at a great price.

3D photo wallpapers: the sea and the seaside

So convincingly real that you think you’re by the sea! The 3D motifs depicted on the photo wallpapers featuring the sea give the impression that you can dive straight into the water or that the sun is creating waves as it sets.

‘We’ll stay awake until the clouds turn lilac again!’

Photo wallpapers featuring the sea and the beach

The variety and apparently endless distance can be seen on the photo wallpapers in the sea category.

Let yourself be lured away by the realistic photo motifs – to faraway coasts, white sandy beaches or cliffs that jut out into the sea, drawing your gaze out into the water.

Sea view photo wallpapers will lure you away to the cool water and awaken memories of holidays or provoke dreams of future adventures to South Pacific beaches.

3D photo wallpapers: the sea and the seaside

Marine photo wallpapers depict the world’s oceans and beaches: Baltic Sea beaches with rolling waves, tropical island beaches with palm trees and turquoise seas, North Sea breakwaters, ice floes and black pebbles on the Icelandic coast, the peaceful sea that reflects the colours of the sky like a mirror and the glass-clear oceans that reveal a glimpse of coral and fish.

The proverbial agony of choice will be your greatest challenge when choosing a photo wallpaper with a sea view.

In addition to the wide selection of sea views of different coasts and beaches, you can choose between 3D photo wallpapers featuring the sea at sunset, in the pale light of sunrise, or with a starry night sky or full moon light.

Photo wallpapers featuring windows and the sea will turn your bare walls into a genuine view and fit into the living room or bedroom, where they invite you to dream.

Photo wallpapers with 3D sea view will give you that holiday feeling and make your rooms look naturally beautiful and larger too. The maritime feel that you bring into your living environment can be individually tailored and becomes the dominant design on the wall.

You will also find beach photo wallpapers in their very own category at new walls. Here, your gaze will wander over white sandy beaches, colourful pebbles or along steep cliffs. You can also get that feeling of lounging in the shade of the palm trees on your beach chair with our beach photo wallpapers.

Sea views and underwater worlds

The sea is ever-changing, and not just on the surface. That’s because the selection of marine photo wallpapers is not limited to landscape motifs with stormy, riled up waves or calm sea levels, but it also includes the world below the surface.

Coral reefs, shoals of fish and dwellers of the deep seas in XXL format will bring the world of sea creatures into your home. So you can dive with tropical fish, sharks or a humpback whale, discover a shipwreck or be lured away into the fantastic underwater world with mermaids and sea monsters. Photo wallpapers with sea creatures, but also landlubbing beasts and acrobats of the air can be found at new-walls.com, all in their own category.

Maritime and marine

The beach feeling that most people associate with a holiday mood and a sense of well-being will be part of your home when you choose a maritime photo wallpaper. Abstract waves, the driftwood look, lighthouse designs and the classic colour combination of blue, white and red will give you that beach house feeling.

Beach and sea photo wallpapers are ideal if you want to achieve a timeless country style design featuring light colours and natural decor.

Ships, lifebuoys & pirates – maritime photo wallpapers with sea design are also popular with little buccaneers and pirates. Whales and mermaids depicted in the comic style will decorate your kids’ room with a sea view.

Things take an exotic turn with turquoise blue sea, corals and Caribbean islands with palm trees. The exotic view featuring photo wallpapers with South Sea motifs not only offers a sea view, but also a tropical feeling. You can turn your home into a retreat to cosset your soul. With indoor hammocks and playlists with sounds of the sea, you can escape the greyness of daily life.

More sea!

Can you simply not get enough of the blue water, but you can’t yet afford a house with a sea view? Then bring the beauty of the seas of the world into your home with 3D marine photo wallpapers. Fall in love with the blue expanses of landscape photo wallpapers with pictures from around the world, choose an underwater photo wallpaper or bring your favourite sea dwellers onto your wall in XXL format.

Whichever style you prefer, at new walls, you’re sure to find your dream sea motif, and with our motif configurator, you can also modify and design your photo wallpapers.

For example, transform the ‘Dunes and Beach’ photo wallpapers into a retro postcard motif with the sepia colour option at the click of a button, or go one step further and turn a blue lagoon landscape into a marine photo wallpaper in the black and white look with strong contrasts and an elegant, monochrome look.

Find a dream wallpaper with sea view online now and order a personalised photo wallpaper featuring the sea, the beach and more.

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