Bar & Restaurant Wall Mural

Photo wallpapers for kitchens, cafés and restaurants

Here you can discover photo wallpapers with a food and drink theme. It doesn’t matter if you want to design your own four walls in the bistro or café style or whether you wish to add beauty to your shop, restaurant or bar – here, you will find the right photo wallpaper.

Kitchens & co.

Hipster cafés, Italian restaurants, fusion kitchens, American diners, rustic pubs or trendy bars – we have the right photo wallpapers for your style.

Photo wallpapers for your bar

Discover Parisian flair for your bakery, coffee bean designs for your caffeine recharging point or deceptively real and natural views that invite your guests to linger.

Culinary statements for your own walls too

Café and restaurant

Photo wallpapers for kitchens, canteens, cafés and restaurants create an atmosphere of well-being for guests and create the perfect ambience for culinary discovery.

You must know classic designs on the topic of food and drink from the range of non-woven wallpapers. Coffee cups, wine racks, fruit and cutlery in an XXL size format are classic designs that are particularly striking as photo wallpaper motifs and which transform your little kitchen into a culinary stage. This is where the wide variety of motifs and designs begins. The photo wallpapers are as diverse as the dishes from the kitchen and as large as the number of places devoted to the topic of choice, food.

If you’re a lover of home cooking and you want to spice up your own walls, you’re in the right place here. We have photo wallpapers with kitchen motifs depicting Indian spices, chilli peppers and golden olive oil. Coffee junkies will get their money’s worth with the coffee bean motifs for their coffee bar, and snackers will love our XXL chocolate bars.

Lovers of liquid indulgences will find everything they could want with our wine motifs – grapes, cellars with bottles or cork designs. With the photo wallpapers with bar motif, those who favour cocktails and spirits will now be able to enjoy their favourite drinks feeling relaxed in their own homes.

But photo wallpapers are not reserved only for your own kitchen. If you have a café, a bar, or you sell food, you will find the right design for you amongst our photo wallpapers.

You decide what to cook in your kitchen and what should feature on your walls. You can show what there is to eat in your kitchen or in your bar by directing your customers’ gaze to the XXL photo wallpaper. American kitchen and diner atmosphere with retro charm – we’ve got something for you. Mediterranean, French, Asian, here you will find the right motifs for you.

From bistros to bars or trendy local cafés, through to a fusion kitchen with the right wall design, guests will feel good and will happily come back to eat at your place. Modern photo wallpapers are razor-sharp, rich in detail and range from photorealistic to abstract.

Thanks to the excellent digital print quality, photo wallpapers from are durable and hard-wearing. It doesn’t matter if you go for a classic kitchen motif or a modern photo wallpaper with a different style for your kitchen or bar. Go and look for the right photo wallpaper for your place and give your guests a surprise in future, and not only with your culinary creativity.

If you want a very specific motif or your logo on the photo wallpaper, then simply contact us with no obligation. We will help you to design your dream wallpaper.

Special measurements and personalisation, such as colour and motif alignment, are also possible for all photo wallpapers as standard! Try it: Choose a motif, adapt it and order it in your desired format.

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