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Our 3D photo wallpapers have an impressive effect. Thanks to the realistic visual effect they create, rooms can look bigger, higher, longer or more open. Our 3D photo wallpapers have an impressive effect. Thanks to the realistic visual effect they create, rooms can look bigger, higher, longer or more open.

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Can photo wallpapers really be this deceptively real? Yes, they actually can. See for yourself.

3D effects that pack a punch.

You should find the right 3D wallpaper for you in our large selection. Take a look at our window effect photo wallpapers with a 3D look.

Are you looking for classic 3D wallpapers?

Then take a look at our 3D wallpaper trend category. Here you will find the most beautiful 3D look wallpapers to adorn your walls.

3D photo wallpapers

In this section, we’re going to answer a few questions about 3D effect photo wallpapers. We will explain to you which photo wallpapers will make the room look bigger and also discuss the features of 3D photo wallpapers. We will also offer you an explanation of which rooms 3D wallpapers are best suited to in order to showcase their full effect, and we will also present to you our particularly powerful 3D photo motifs with flowers and other natural designs. We will then take a look at which materials photo wallpapers are made from and how to find the perfect backing material.

Do 3D wallpapers increase the size of the room?

Yes, 3D photo wallpapers make the room look bigger. 3D photo wallpapers are an absolute classic, as the 3D effect enhances each motif by another dimension, making 3D photo wallpapers into a real all-rounder. 3D photo wallpapers have many different aspects and therefore adapt to any individual interior design style. Thanks to the three-dimensional effect, the illusion of the motifs is perfect, as superimposed facets of a motif stand out even more boldly from each other. You will perhaps already have noticed that anything is possible with 3D photo wallpapers, and there are no limits on your wall design. In the next question, we will explain to you for which rooms photo wallpapers with 3D effects are particularly suited.

In which rooms do 3D wallpapers have the most intensive effect?

3D wallpapers are particularly popular in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.
3D photo wallpapers can be particularly well integrated, as calming motifs such as flowers, forests and oceans can be further intensified and make a real contribution to the soothing effect of the room.
In the living room, you can fulfil your design dreams with 3D photo wallpapers. Depending on your preference, multi-layered dimensions of colourful 3D photo wallpaper motifs stand out more clearly or support the effect of motifs with light and pale tones as well as watercolour effects. In the living room, you can achieve amazing results between the sideboard and the couch with 3D photo wallpapers.
But even in the kitchen, there is more than enough space for a 3D photo wallpaper. Whether you want to beautify the wall next to your work surface or bring the dining area in the kitchen to life with a 3D photo wallpaper: 3D photo wallpapers are ideal to decorate your kitchen.

Why do 3D photo wallpapers with floral motifs have such an intense effect?

Flowers have been proven to have a calming effect on people. If you want to be surrounded by your favourite flowers, regardless of the season or weather, you should wallpaper your home with 3D floral photo wallpaper. You can find out how to hang 3D photo wallpaper with floral patterns here in our blog post. In addition to the diverse symbolism of this floral lucky charm, flowers also have a visual 3D effect, which works wonders on photo wallpapers. Close-ups of flowers on 3D photo wallpapers intensify the optical spatial effect of this popular motif and make the wall appear larger.

Why do 3D photo wallpapers with natural designs create such an intense effect?

In addition to floral 3D photo wallpapers, there are also other popular motifs that are associated with nature. 3D photo wallpapers with a beach motif have a very realistic look thanks to their special 3D effect, inviting you to dream. 3D photo wallpapers featuring the sea have exactly the same effect. We can literally hear the sound of the sea through the 3D photo wallpaper – the holiday vibe is included! If you’re yearning for a panoramic view or you want to give a windowless room a certain element of charm, you can fulfil your wishes with a 3D photo wallpaper with a window design. Here, the 3D effect of the photo wallpaper is particularly inspiring, as it depicts the window in a photorealistic way and at the same time adds a new dimension to the room whilst visually expanding it. And when we look out of the window: for anyone who isn’t able to enjoy their view, here at new-walls.com, we’ve created a collection of many different 3D photo wallpapers with forest motif so that you can bring nature to your walls.

What material is photo wallpaper made from, and how do I find the right material for my wall?

Our photo wallpapers are made of high-quality non-woven material to guarantee the perfect end result with unique quality. After all, you should enjoy your photo wallpaper from new-walls.com and integrate our product into your interior design with no problems at all. Not all non-woven backing materials are the same: The surface effect of the non-woven backing differs with regard to the visual and tactile effect. You have the choice of a smooth or textured surface effect. With the smooth surface effect of the non-woven backing, there is a non-woven material with a matt colour effect, one with a shimmering mica version and the standard non-woven material, which has a shine effect. If you aren’t sure which surface type is the best for your wall, you can also request various sample sections to be sent to you from new-walls so that you can be absolutely certain of your choice.

We hope that we can answer all of your questions about 3D photo wallpapers in this section. As you have noticed, the 3D effect of photo wallpapers is much more wide-ranging than you may think at first glance. The 3D effect perfects photorealistic digital prints in a flash and endows them with a special flair. If we’ve impressed you and you’re now a fan of 3D photo wallpaper, don’t wait, shop for your favourite 3D photo wallpaper here.

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