Curtains & Drapes

Modern curtains in all colours 

Here you will find curtains in your favourite colours. Browse our selection and find the perfect curtains for you.

Loop scarves, curtains or drapes - you will find what you are looking for here!

Various materials and sizes, all sorts of colours and many different combinations can be found in our shop. Discover our favourites and buy online from the comfort of your own home.

Be bold and buy colourful curtains or drapes

Matching curtains and cushions

Curtains and decorative cushions are what make a home cosy. That's why we also offer decorative cushions and curtains to mix and match for your interior design. Explore the colour range and discover prints and patterns from our wallpapers in a new cosy textile way. How would you pair them?

Curtain panels with versatile pleating band: easy to fit!

The hidden attachment band allows different ways to pleat and attach the curtains to various curtain rods. The secure nylon ribbon can be threaded directly onto the curtain rod or can be fixed with standard curtain hocks. Style the curtain panel with double or pinch pleats, with a wave pattern or simply gathered.

Window height curtains add a touch of cosiness to your home

Looking for curtain ideas? Finding the right curtain length for the window above the sofa or a small kitchen window can be a real headache. Our short curtain selection may be the solution for such window woes.

One curtain rarely appears alone.

Find the perfect decorative cushions, canvas prints and wallpapers to match the curtains.

Modern curtains in all conceivable colours are available in our shop!

Anyone who has ever thought about interior design or had the challenge of decorating their own home will understand how important curtains are to bring cosiness to living spaces and even for privacy, too. If you live on the ground floor or the neighbours can look straight into your living room from their balcony, that’s not nice. We offer a selection of the most varied curtains and drapes in various colours, materials and sizes.

Beige curtains or grey curtains? Which colour would you choose? Of course, you can combine both or you could go for white curtains. White, sheer curtains can offer perfect privacy protection. You can hang your colourful drapes to the left and right. And just like that, you’ve created a stylish window.

Here you can buy your curtains online on invoice

We have made various payment options available to you so it’s up to you which one you choose. You can also order your choice of curtains on invoice. It makes it much simpler for many online shoppers.

Living room curtains: Of course, our curtains don’t need to be used in a specific room. You can put any item in any room. In the living room, we recommend a combination of light, sheer curtains and perhaps a more striking colour to make a window more eye-catching. Of course, it’s a question of taste and your living room, in particular, should be inviting and bright. Here’s a link to our top three living room curtains. These sheer white tab-top curtains are the perfect item to combine with all of our colourful and elegant living room curtains. Grey-green curtains are currently also on trend. We often also need short curtains. That’s why you will find our dark grey curtains in a shorter length.

Bedroom curtains: This is the room where we rest and disappear into the Land of Nod. Curtains & drapes make us feel safe and sound, creating the perfect feeling of well-being. Window drapes bring a certain warmth into the bedroom and romanticism and happiness into the place where you sleep. Whether you choose floor-length curtains or short curtains is completely up to you.

How can I reduce the length of curtains without sewing?

If sewing isn’t one of your talents you can avoid it by buying hem tape/ironing tape. You can simply shorten the curtains as you wish and then iron the hem tape on with an iron according to the instructions. Not only does this save time, it’s also more cost-effective. Try it!

Curtains for children’s rooms: You will now also find curtains for children’s rooms in our shop. Beige, blue or pink curtains are the best window decoration for children’s rooms. You can decide whether you prefer your curtains to be sheer or opaque. The curtains are modern and beautiful. Our range of beautiful curtains in our shop also includes green curtains.

A little tip: Combine our decorative cushions and canvas pictures with our curtains for children’s rooms to give the perfect finishing touch to the room’s interior design.

Modern curtains add the finishing touch to the room design

It doesn’t matter which style of interior design you have chosen. Whether it’s the country house, boho or jungle style – the drapes and curtains fit into the interior design based on their size, different materials and colours. Modern curtains are, therefore, a question of taste. The good thing about our curtains is that not only can they be integrated into any room, they are also suitable for any individual style of interior design.

What are tab-top curtains?

The tab section can either be visibly sewn to the top of the curtain or it can also be concealed. With the concealed tab section, there is a universal band on the back, which ensures easy hanging on the curtain rod thanks to tear-resistant nylon threads.

Discover all our curtains, drapes and tab-top curtains here. Enjoy discovering them all and shopping in comfort from your couch.
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