Pink wall paint

In love with pink!

We are completely in love with the perfect, soft and gentle mix of red and white. No other colour combines love, care and compassion as charmingly as the colour pink. The wall colour pink is a convincingly varied choice to give any room a loving, romantic, intimate and caring atmosphere. Thanks to its versatile appeal, it can be used in adult living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms as well as in children's rooms with its unique charm. Pink combines subtle elegance and a sense of sweetness and is a great choice for those looking for a colour that brings calm and style to the living space.

The power of pink...

Pink can come in a variety of shades, from soft, pale pastels to bold hues. A soft pink, for example, creates a harmonious, calming effect and is therefore ideal for a bedroom, living room, children's room or bathroom. Thanks to its lightness, a pastel-coloured pink creates a warm, inviting environment full of relaxation and security. A strong pink colour, on the other hand, impresses with pure elegance and sophistication - whether in the living room, bedroom, hallway or other living spaces.

Raumbild Wandfarbe »Blooming Blossom« Raumbild Wandfarbe »Masterfully Macaron«

Let’s combine!

Don't be put off: For a long time, the wall colour pink was considered "girly" and playful ... but those days are definitely over - pink looks very stylish and elegant when combined correctly - no matter what age you are! Pink can enhance a room with other current trend colours as it adds that certain something: In combination with earthy shades such as beige and brown, for example, the wall colour pink has a lovely grounding effect. Adding golden accents gives your room a further, extraordinary effect.

Do you prefer fresh and colourful? Then combine a trendy shade of green with the wall colour pink! The colour combination is absolutely on trend: the mix of both colours is ideal for the Art Deco style - with matching velvet furniture, wallpaper and subtle houseplants, you can conjure up a real room highlight! The green adds a touch of freshness and vibrancy to the colour pink.

Do you prefer modern and stylish? Then simply combine your pink wall paint with a chic grey! Because grey on its own can sometimes look a little dull and boring - in combination with pink, you can create an inviting, modern and stylish room effect.

It’s all about glamour! Do you want your golden decorative elements or furniture to really shine? Then combine them with our pink colours for the wall! The colour fusion will wrap your rooms in luxury and give them that certain glam factor!

Achieve the golden glam effect with a combination of ochre and pink! It sounds like a contradiction at first, but it's not. The two colours form an exceptionally harmonious contrast - with a certain retro factor. Try it out and dare!

Raumbild Wandfarbe »Luxury Lipstick«

The processing? Quick and easy!

So that you can achieve a perfect result quickly and easily, our paints are all in the best opacity class 1 with maximum colour intensity. This saves you a lot of time when painting, as you can achieve a uniform and optimum colour result more quickly. Our paints also score top marks when it comes to application: All paints are very easy to apply, absolutely low-splash, full-bodied and have intense colour strength. At the same time, they are very robust and correspondingly abrasion-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13300, class 2.

Go for it’s! Grab a paintbrush or paint roller and get painting! We have the right painting accessories for you and your project - so you get everything from a single source.

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