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Retro wallpapers are still trendy right now!

Are crazy, large-format checked or floral patterns and bright, naturally mixed colours the obvious choice in your interior design? Then you’re sure to find the perfect retro wallpapers for your home here.

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Whether they’re quirky or in subtle shades – our retro wallpapers are very versatile. Find your favourites amongst our best sellers.

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Whether you like striking ornamental designs, chic tiles for the kitchen or fresh green jungle prints – as a retro fan, you’re sure to find the right non-woven wallpapers here.

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Fall asleep comfortably!

What do you think of the black and white wallpaper in Hannah's bedroom? It matches her grey box spring bed perfectly, doesn't it?

You can find the chequered wallpaper here

Sweet dreams by @_safrane_

Welcome to Julia's flower paradise. But no, not real flowers - although... the wallpaper does look very realistic.

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Exotic flowers in the bedroom!

Bright and colourful wallpapers are the highlight in this bedroom. What do you think? Would you like to decorate your bedroom with this wallpaper?

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Wallpaper Retro beige green blue pattern

Non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper or both?!

Retro is modern. Retro keeps coming back, although retro never really went away. With our non-woven and vinyl wallpapers, you can take yourself back to the good old days with your wall design and bring the memories to life ♥

Retro Wallpaper triangle pattern blue beige

transform your home into an oasis of well-being

Do graphic designs have an obvious place in your interior design, and are they part of your attitude to life? Do you get nostalgic when you think about certain design classics and find yourself constantly thinking about the good old days and the interior design possibilities that came with them? Or do you want to follow the new trends and combine retro elements with modern influences? Then don’t stop with your interior design; instead, continue with whichever interior style you choose when it comes to non-woven wallpapers and photo wallpapers! An extensive product palette with plenty of different wallpaper prints offers you a large selection, meaning that you can find colour and pattern combinations to suit you. Stop reminiscing, instead start hanging these high-quality wallpapers in your home, as they’ve come back into fashion.

A strong impact for your rooms and walls

Large, colourful and unusual patterns against brown, orange and yellow background colours have made it from the 70s and 80s to our decade and since then have been pepping up walls all over the world. The charm and the zeitgeist of that time, which are recalled by these patterns, are an eye-catching feature in every room – now as they were then. Non-woven, paper and photo wallpapers work best when combined with plain wallpapers, as the striking patterns of these trendy wallpapers have a strong effect on the room and on the wall. The wallpapers haven’t changed, but the interior design style that goes with it has: these days, people generally prefer a modern interior design and use wallpapers as an eye-catching feature. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway: create a modern statement with your vintage wallpaper and revitalise the feeling in your home in a unique way.

Everyone knows this feeling: It’s time for something new

If you want new furniture, first of all, you should take a look to see whether it isn’t, in fact, the wall decor that’s bothering you. Often, a change of wallpaper is enough to create a new ambience. Before you spend a lot of money on new items to enhance your interior design, you should check whether you can find the perfect retro wallpaper for you. Not only do the wallpapers offer your wall a completely new look, this extends to the entire room.