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Vintage look photo wallpapers are back in fashion and will create a special design for your home.

Buy your favourite vintage photo wallpapers at great prices online.

All of the different designs of the past await you: from classic baroque design, Biedermeier and classicism, the luxurious decors of art nouveau and art deco to the unusual trends of the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century.

Be inspired by our vintage wallpapers

You love the vintage look, but you can’t decide which vintage photo wallpaper to go for? Then take a look at everything we have for you to choose from. Believe us, you will fall in love with some of these wallpapers.

Historic – Vintage – Retro

It doesn’t matter which of the styles of bygone eras you love, here at new-walls you will find the vintage photo wallpapers that work with your home design. Antique design and retro-inspired patterns have always been popular, and from now on, you can also put them up in XXL format as a modern photo wallpaper for your living room wall.
The tried and tested patterns and motifs are typical of a certain attitude to life and an aesthetic taste that can always be integrated in a new and individual way into your living environment.

Classic decor for your walls – popular motifs through the decades

Vintage art history-style photo wallpaper is characterised by classic wall designs, for example, ornamental and striped patterns, natural flowers, stucco looks and linen textures. Antique effects also offer additional historic charm. Patina effects on metallic ornamental details, weathered plaster looks, peeling paint and faded designs give vintage photo wallpapers an old character in a used look.
The designs of vintage photo wallpapers in the naturally playful art nouveau style and the geometric art deco look came a few decades later. Whereas art deco wallpapers adorn the walls with simple yet beautiful patterns with refined metallic colours and dark wall decors, the art nouveau style photo wallpapers feature curved shapes and nature-inspired patterns in filigree designs with great attention to detail, depicting flowers and animal motifs in a unique style.
Retro or vintage – it doesn’t matter how we describe the photo wallpapers in the style of the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s; they exude their very own charm and often provoke feelings of nostalgia.
In the 1950s, small patterns and bright muted colours set the tone. The designs range from sketch-style floral designs to futuristic, abstract decor with organic shapes and geometric patterns. The 1950s photo wallpapers with their vintage characters combine exactly these elements into a new look that brings the Fifties into the new millennium and into modern living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.
In the 1960s, the wallpaper patterns became larger, more colourful and more abstract. Conservatism was yesterday’s news, and the Swinging Sixties brought a trend for a new, youthful style. This was also apparent in wall designs. Unusual graphic designs in bright colours become the trendy decorative style, and still today, they shape our idea of the typical 1960s wallpaper.
By the end of the decade, hippie style, the bohemian look, and the diversity of a new individual sense of style were shaping the world and living spaces. Photo wallpapers in the 60s vintage look showcased the fancy patterns of the decade and were a stylistic time machine for living spaces.
By the 1970s, walls were even more colourful and customised. The trends of the youth culture continued to have an influence and brought brightly-coloured wallpaper patterns with 3D effects and dominant colours and motifs. The new photo wallpapers, in particular, were more popular than ever in the 70s; they can be found in almost every household and mostly depict landscape motifs such as beaches, forests or mountain panoramas. These landscape photo wallpapers are back in fashion now, and the 1970s vintage photo wallpapers, with their patterns and retro colours, are celebrating 1970s style.

Vintage style in the modern living space – a retro trend for your walls

The popularity of vintage photo wallpapers and wallpapers, in general, is undisputed, and there are several reasons for this. The decorative styles of the past are finding fans as the patterns, motifs and colour combinations are tried-and-tested, giving the room a safe and homely feel. With the wide variety of vintage styles, almost everyone will find a look that fits with their own furniture and individual taste.
Rockabilly fans, boomers and flower children will bring the style and attitude to life of the generations into their own living environment with retro photo wallpapers.
Baroque damask patterns or the art deco style possess an elegance that is almost eternal. These photo wallpapers can turn a rented flat or terraced house into a luxury penthouse or stately home. And vintage photo wallpapers with used designs work well with the country style and shabby chic interiors.
White walls and monotonous home looks are not contemporary, and modern styles such as minimalism, concrete looks and the rustic industrial style are not to everyone’s taste. Old trends in the new vintage look are perfect and win people over with their playful designs and bright colours.
If you’re nostalgic, you’ll love the familiar decor, and the photo wallpapers in the vintage and retro look will bring back the feeling of the good old days. Why not reminisce and make the sense of style from the past your own trend?

Classic – and too good to go out of fashion

Old, dusty and outdated – certain things quickly go out of fashion again; it’s only the really successful designs that manage to become an icon representing an era or an attitude to life. These are exactly the designs that will turn vintage photo wallpapers into timeless decor.
The wallpapers and photo wallpapers in the vintage style are as versatile as the eras that inspire them. However, they also have some things in common. The patterns and motifs that fascinate us all and stand for natural beauty really are timeless. Flowers and blooms, leaves and tendrils, landscapes and repeating patterns are found in every era of wallpaper design.
Floral photo wallpapers are found in all vintage styles: in baroque-style damask photo wallpapers inspired by art history, we find curved floral ornamental designs, art nouveau offers entwining designs and art deco depicts flowers as abstract patterns. The retro photo wallpapers in the vintage style of the 1950s, 60s or 70s depict floral patterns in vivid colours and graphic shapes.
Photo wallpapers with vintage flowers are amongst the most in-demand photo wallpapers for fans of nostalgia.

Celebrate variety with the retro look

Antique or historic vintage photo wallpapers all have the used look in common. This is a style that gives the photo wallpaper a well-used, faded character. As a result, the impression is created that the modern photo wallpaper is actually a historic wall decor, thus offering a rustic, cosy feel. Photo wallpapers that are artificially aged fit in well with the shabby chic or country style. The rustic look of vintage photo wallpapers is often created using wooden looks in a weathered, faded style and is also used with plaster and linen looks.
Vintage photo wallpapers with striking patterns from the 1960s and 1970s dominate the wall, and in a similar way, the room. Whereas 1960s photo wallpapers used large patterns in vivid colours, 1970s wallpapers went even further with their 3D effect patterns. Photo wallpaper in the style of this era is, therefore, an uncompromising statement for the wall that dominates the room design, and nobody can fail to notice the colourful graphic patterns.
Discover the many different nuances of vintage photo wallpapers and let yourself be lured away into a style world of times gone by. From historic fabric wall hangings to paper wallpapers in classic or Fifties-style to the eye-catching graphic patterns of the 70s.

Quality and effects

The modern vintage style is more diverse and deceptively real than ever before, thanks to the detailed photo wallpapers with their realistic quality.
Improved printing techniques and dimensionally stable non-woven backing materials create a convincingly real effect. This makes modern photo wallpapers ideal for creating the illusion of the used look, reviving the colours of the 30s or 70s and using 3D effects for detailed and large-scale patterns.
You will find more information on the impressive quality of modern photo wallpapers on our advice page on non-woven backing materials. Simply see for yourself and compare the photo wallpaper versions with a material sample which you can simply order for delivery to your home thanks to our sample service.

The charm of styles from the past and timeless elegance, attitudes to life and personal expression

Vintage style photo wallpapers offer all of this. They adorn your living environment to fit in with the special style of an era. You decide which vintage style works for you and how you can combine the retro design with furnishings and decor. There are no limits on what you can do – your style will set the tone.
These photo wallpapers will transform your living room into a 1950s style beat club or turn your art deco style bedroom into a hotel suite. The kitchen will get a Sixties atmosphere with vintage floral photo wallpaper with geometric patterns, and the party cellar will exude 1970s style with country photo wallpaper.
Be inspired by our huge selection of vintage photo wallpaper motifs and make your dreams for your home come true. Give your living environment a new but old look with plenty of charm and character. Shop for vintage photo wallpaper online now at
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