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Mountain wallpaper murals – landscapes you will love!

Mountain landscapes for your living room wall – what could be better? Enjoy the view from your couch. We have so many different motifs ready and waiting for your wallpaper project. Find your dream picture and enjoy a holiday on a daily basis without leaving your four walls.

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Mountains in XXL format – buy your wallpaper online

If you’re missing mountain views, you should consider choosing a photo wallpaper. Our mountain wallpapers will bring you easy evenings on the sofa or relaxed nights in your own bedroom.

Find inspiration

Whether it’s a sunset, the morning air or a watercolour for the kids’ room: there’s something for everyone

Mountain wallpaper murals

Mountain panoramas, alpenglow and views as far as the eye can see. With this mountain photo wallpaper, you will get the best views over mountains, valleys and hills when you’re at home.
These classic photo wallpapers are once again very trendy, and the design ranges from photorealistic motifs through to abstract design, artistic watercolours and comic designs. With photo wallpaper depicting the South Tyrolean mountains, the most beautiful memories of your holiday in the Alps or the wonderful panorama of Northern Italy can be displayed on your walls.
Summit conquerors and holidaymakers in the higher altitudes know the happiness that the mountains bring only too well, so it’s no wonder that they want to bring this feeling of freedom into their own home – with XXL size photo wallpapers, this is child’s play.
Mountains everywhere! Bring the Dolomites to your home in a retro postcard style and wall format, and turn a bare wall into a window overlooking the rugged mountain landscape and green alpine meadows. Discover the little details in unique stone formations and discover the seemingly endless distance behind a range of mountains. The 3D photo wallpapers at new-walls make this possible, and even more.

The rooftops of the world

Are the Alps are too close by for you – do you want to go further and higher? Then take a look at the mountainous photo wallpapers depicting the highest, most beautiful peaks in the world. Mount Everest covered in snow and ice, Macchu Picchu emerging from the clouds, the Icelandic glacier Vantajökull or the Fuji volcano. Mountainous ravines, hilly landscapes, mountain lakes – we have the right photo wallpaper for your living room or bedroom.

Black and white mountains as photo wallpapers

Sunrise in the mountains, alpenglow and romantic scenes in the mountains bathed in orange and red light are all perfect vistas for lovers of the mountain regions. And for adventurers, climbers and expert hikers, the mountains depicted in black and white photo wallpapers are ideal, with intensive contrasts and brilliant details.
You decide whether your mountain wallpaper mural should feature colour, a retro look in brown sepia or cool black and white to make it a truly eye-catching feature for your wall. In our motif configurator, you can design the photo wallpaper individually, adapt the measurements, align the motif and determine the colour. If you have found your favourite photo wallpapers, then simply try them out!
In addition, we also have lots more black and white photo wallpapers in our range, so you will find even more landscape wallpapers and plenty of other motifs.

Sepia mountain panoramas – nostalgic wallpapers

Like a glimpse of the past, the snow-capped mountains featured in your old holiday snaps can adorn your walls in XXL format and sepia style. Sepia mountains on photo wallpaper will create a nostalgic atmosphere, take you back to a timelessly beautiful mountain landscape and fit in with the monochrome style of an understated home design. Vintage style photo wallpapers give the mountains and hills their very own charm, and with muted colours, they show another side to this rocky landscape.

Mountains in the kids’ room

There are also young people who love climbing, adventures and the mountains themselves. That’s why you can find photo wallpapers featuring mountains in the form of colourful hills, cloud-covered treetops and mountain goats. Mountain wallpaper for kids’ rooms is colourful, playful and brings nature into the children’s rooms from the outside.

Ravines, canyons, cliffs and crags

Rock and stone show their versatile side with the mountain photo wallpapers, and the motifs with steep cliffs and rough quarry stone also reveal the rugged beauty of the rock. The Grand Canyon photo wallpaper depicts sandy rocks and fine layers of sediment, which pile up into a huge canyon and seem to glow in the warm sunlight. Granite stone creates grey mountainous landscapes which are covered with white snowy peaks and dark volcanic rock, which have helped to shape the seemingly unchanging world of mountains.

Mountains for your wall

Rocky natural photo wallpapers possess timeless beauty and can also fit into your living environment, so go on a tour of discovery and find the mountain photo wallpaper online that allows your heart to beat faster and offers the right perspective for your home.
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