Minimalist Photo Wallpaper

Minimalist design photo wallpapers

Minimalist photo wallpapers are nothing like plain colour wallpapers; instead, they give your walls a timelessly elegant look that fits in with your style.

Less is more

Anyone who lives a pared-back lifestyle will soon find: Minimalism combines essentials, functionality and design. Colours and patterns are used in a purposeful way in order to create highlights and to consciously divert people’s gazes.


What makes a photo wallpaper minimalist? Clear shapes, classic designs, fewer or reduced elements, monochrome colours or symmetrical designs characterise our selection of photo wallpapers.

Simple yet beautiful

With fewer lines or the targeted use of colour and form, a dynamic, eye-catching feature will be created which will adorn your wall in minimalist style.

Black and white photo wallpapers

Strong contrasts and significant effects – photo wallpapers in a black and white design offer timelessly elegant statements for your walls. Not only can monochrome motifs, patterns and designs be combined in a versatile way, they create a particular atmosphere in the room.


The minimalist colour concept allows large-format photos and detailed designs to stand out in a particularly impressive way. Black and white images permit us to focus on the essentials and capture every gaze.

Minimalist and clean

Minimalism and photo wallpapers, do they work together? Yes, of course! Because contrary to what you might think, minimalism doesn't have to be extreme and photo wallpapers don't have to be loud and colourful.

Beyond the clichés, minimalism and wall decoration work very well together. If you like an elegant and clean look, you don't necessarily want to sacrifice design and style. For anyone who pares things back to the essentials and values the combination of design and function, wall design also becomes an important stylistic issue.

Does minimalism sound like your style, or would you like to bring more clarity to your home decor? Here you will find the right photo wallpapers with classic designs, pared-back elements and harmonious colours.

Consciously select, don’t do without – minimalist photo wallpapers combine the focused selection of patterns and motifs, pared-back colour palettes and unobtrusive design.

Minimal = Optimal! With just a few lines or a simple pattern, you can create a beautiful wall that will be visually appealing without forcing its way into the foreground. Photo wallpapers with symmetrical or organic shapes in muted colours are particularly popular. Fine line patterns in a few harmonious colours give the wall a modern design and divert people’s gazes. Ombré effects are subtle, but create atmospheric changes to the wall and the room effect.

You don’t want patterns or motifs, but you want to retain the pared-back minimalist style? Then simply do without colour or choose monochrome photo wallpapers.
Black and white photo wallpapers have been popular for some time and will be an eye-catching feature for your wall, providing strong contrasts. In this way, busy photo motifs will become more minimalist and much more elegant at the same time.
If you have foregone a variety of colours in your furniture and fittings, you can be a minimalist and use striking colours for your wall design. You alone decide how colourful a minimalist photo wallpaper can be.

For true purists, a white box is not a solution for your home; anyone who truly likes things very pared-back and doesn’t want colour and patterns will go for texture. A bare wall can become homely with a discreet photo wallpaper with a textured pattern. Linen looks offer cosiness, whilst surface designs such as the concrete look create an industrial design.

The clean look for the living space is increasingly present in other areas, for example, in the office, at the reception or in practices. Stylishness, timelessness and the remaining customer recollections of exceptional wall decor make this modern and minimalist photo wallpaper so popular.

A popular choice is also to combine the company logo or slogan with the pared-back design so that it immediately draws the eye – at, we adapt photo wallpapers to your individual needs. If you want to change more than the colour, dimensions and alignment – you can adapt all this on all our photo wallpapers as standard – then contact us. We are looking forward to your design ideas, and we will be happy to help with special formats or questions about our products.

In our shop, you will find a wide selection of minimalist photo wallpapers which fit in well with your purist style. You decide how much or little your photo wallpaper can show and how your new dream wallpaper should look.

Minimalism requires expressiveness, which you can put up on the walls quickly and beautifully with these contrasting black and white photo wallpapers. It doesn’t matter if it’s abstract patterns, textures or geometric graphics; the stylish black and white motifs are really eye-catching.
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