Jungle Photo Wallpaper

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What could be more beautiful than having your own little jungle in your very own home? Discover our 3D jungle photo wallpapers, either for the kids’ room or for other rooms in your home.

Do you prefer normal jungle wallpapers?

Stop by our trend pages – perhaps you will find the perfect wallpaper for you and your walls.

Kids’ rooms and jungle photo wallpapers

Jungle-style photo wallpapers look great in nurseries and kids’ rooms. Find the perfect photo wallpaper for your little safari fans!

Jungle photo wallpapers featuring animals

An increasingly frequent sight: animals on jungle photo wallpaper. There’s a reason why they are so popular!

Jungle photo wallpaper: Holiday mode guaranteed!

Palm leaves, banana leaves etc. create an exotic mood and a tropical atmosphere in your home.

Jungle 3D photo wallpaper

Should your jungle photo wallpaper also look extremely realistic? Then take a look at our three highlights.

Jungle photo wallpapers: get a tropical feel for your home fast!

Home – a word with so many different meanings. Everyone sees their home in a different light. What is probably the same for many people: home should give you a feeling of happiness and security. How do you create a cosy feeling of this kind? One thing is clear – white walls often look cool and lifeless. For that reason, in addition to furniture and decoration, you also need to think about the wall design of the individual rooms.

If you are just starting to think ‘What should I put on the walls?’ you will quickly find what you’re looking for with our jungle photo wallpapers. That’s because jungle photo wallpapers not only replace boring white walls, they also offer a good-mood feeling, positive energy and plenty of life for your home. On our jungle photo wallpaper page, we will also show you what you can do with jungle motifs and where you can use them.

Jungle photo wallpapers for kids: there’s a reason why they are so popular!

If you scroll through Pinterest, you will find more and more kids’ rooms that are adorned with beautiful jungle-themed kids’ photo wallpapers. Plenty of sweet animal photo wallpapers are once again a hit this year! When matched with colourful items or plain furniture, these jungle photo wallpapers will attract attention from all sides in the kids’ play paradise. Jungle photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms: This wall design has it all. Anyone can have single-colour walls.

Photo wallpapers are an important aspect of further development for the child too. If your child is discovering and analysing large and small animals and various plants and palms before going to sleep at night, they will also be a lot more creative in future. Giraffes, lions and birds tell their own tales. Bring jungle photo wallpaper style to your child’s walls, and support their creative thought processes.

If you don’t necessarily need a green, striking look, black and white jungle photo wallpapers will appeal to you too. That’s because simple colours paired with fascinating, large patterns on photo wallpapers can work wonders in kids’ rooms. Your child’s gender makes no difference to this! Anyone with an interest in interior design will have noticed long ago that gender neutral kids’ rooms are becoming more and more popular.

Photo wallpapers with statement decor in the living room: jungle living rooms with a cosiness guarantee!

If everyone’s living room looked the same, things would be pretty boring, wouldn’t they? So everyone should design what is probably the most important room in the home themselves and let their creativity run free. Grey/white walls, plain curtains and black and white decorative cushions do look very beautiful and modern, but you can do so much more with your living space. Get out of your comfort zone and bring a jungle feel and jungle photo wallpapers into your living room.

Either choose simple, natural jungle photo wallpapers or go wild with 3D jungle wallpapers. Combine matching canvas pictures in the jungle style or colour-coordinated decorative cushions with your new jungle photo wallpapers, and there’ll be nothing to stop that tropical breeze blowing through your home.

Jungle photo wallpapers for your kitchen: have we planted the seed for a new idea?

Previously, a beautiful motif for the kitchen wall was the obvious choice. Today, the fashion is usually for plainer kitchen decor. Such a shame, don’t you think? Perhaps a 3D jungle photo wallpaper was all that was missing to give the Urban Jungle kitchen a new look. Wallpaper featuring palm leaves or the popular banana leaf wallpaper can create a jungle look in a flash. Decorate the room with a few real or artificial plants, and your kitchen will immediately look more lively and adventurous. If you’d prefer a black and white photo wallpaper in the vintage jungle look, you’ll also find what you’re looking for in our jungle photo wallpaper category.

How do I hang photo wallpaper correctly?

Here’s a brief explanation of how to hang photo wallpaper correctly. Jungle photo wallpaper is normally supplied in 1-metre strips and is numbered throughout. The wallpaper strips are hung from left to right. You need non-woven wallpaper paste for our non-woven photo wallpapers. You should apply this paste to the wall and then place the wallpaper in the correct sequence in the layer of paste. For the next strips, you should then ensure that the pattern fits together perfectly and there are no gaps (seams). Here you will find more information about how to hang photo wallpaper correctly.

What are the best things to mix and match with my jungle photo wallpaper?

Jungle wallpaper is usually used on one wall as an eye-catching feature or as the highlight of the room. But what happens to the rest of the walls? Match our single-colour wallpapers to your jungle-style photo wallpaper to create a uniform and harmonious interior design look in your home.

What material will you select for your jungle photo wallpaper?

Once you have chosen your favourite jungle photo wallpaper, you can then enter your wall measurements and choose the right material. If you’re unsure, you can order material samples of our photo wallpapers to your home free of charge. This will definitely make it easier to choose. Find more information on this here.

If you need more advice in general, then we will be happy to help you on these advice pages. Follow us on Instagram– we will be happy to answer your questions about our products there.

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