Forest Photo Wallpaper

Forest photo wallpaper – find your dream wallpaper here!

Forest photo wallpaper designs as found on Pinterest and Instagram – for the kids’ room or for the office or living room. Find your forest photo wallpaper for every room. Follow us on Instagram? for inspiring wallpaper ideas and living spaces.

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You will find your favourite photo wallpaper for the living room, bedroom and office within our huge selection of forest photo wallpapers.

Forest photo wallpaper: for public buildings too

You can also decorate outside your home with forest photo wallpapers, for instance at restaurants and cafés, beauty salons or in a waiting area at the doctor's office. Photo wallpapers are a real eye-catcher here too! Find the right forest motif now at

Black and white photo wallpapers with forest designs

Do you prefer a simpler colour scheme? We also offer forest photo wallpapers in black and white. Some of them come with colourful accents, some are monochrome. How do you like them?

Did you know, you can order any photo wallpaper in black and white? Simply choose your favourite design, scroll down and select the black and white effect of our configurator.

Forest wallpapers for spring

The leaves are turning more colourful, the sun is showing its face and the fresh spring air puts you in a good mood while you take a walk through the forest. And you also feel like a change within your own four walls. So why not bring a piece of nature into the flat? Our forest photo wallpapers create a cheerful spring mood in the living room, the sitting room or bed room.

Winter photo wallpapers

It's snowing, everything is turning a beautiful white and the trees look completely different - they glitter in icy white and seem so magical. Inside, people are cuddling up and the fireplace is turned on. Hello cuddly socks, hot cocoa and chocolate. Photo wallpapers with a snowy view add the finishing touch and bring the outside in.