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Forest photo wallpaper – find your dream wallpaper here!

Forest photo wallpaper designs as found on Pinterest and Instagram – for the kids’ room or for the office or living room. Find your forest photo wallpaper for every room. Follow us on Instagram? for inspiring wallpaper ideas and living spaces.

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You will find your favourite photo wallpaper for the living room, bedroom and office within our huge selection of forest photo wallpapers.

Forest photo wallpaper: for public buildings too

You can also decorate outside your home with forest photo wallpapers, for instance at restaurants and cafés, beauty salons or in a waiting area at the doctor's office. Photo wallpapers are a real eye-catcher here too! Find the right forest motif now at

Forest wallpapers for spring

The leaves are turning more colourful, the sun is showing its face and the fresh spring air puts you in a good mood while you take a walk through the forest. And you also feel like a change within your own four walls. So why not bring a piece of nature into the flat? Our forest photo wallpapers create a cheerful spring mood in the living room, the sitting room or bed room.

Forest mural: Summer edition

When the sun wakes you up in the morning, your mood improves every day and you have breakfast on the terrace with your family and friends, it's time for new wallpapers in your own home. Take advantage of your sun fuelled energy and wallpaper your home with our forest wallpapers. Give your interior a permanent summer ambience with sunbathed trees and ever green leaves.

Winter photo wallpapers

It's snowing, everything is turning a beautiful white and the trees look completely different - they glitter in icy white and seem so magical. Inside, people are cuddling up and the fireplace is turned on. Hello cuddly socks, hot cocoa and chocolate. Photo wallpapers with a snowy view add the finishing touch and bring the outside in.

New product: THE WALL wallpapers

Do you already know our new wallpapers? They are digitally printed,come in 3 or 7 panels and combine the best of classik non-woven wallpaper and modern photo wallpapers. If you want to see more, click here.

Designs by famous artists: Forest wallpaper with an artistic twist

Discover our photo wallpapers from the Masterpiece Collection. You will certainly recognize one or two forest paintings! Read more about the artist wallpapers here.

Forest photo wallpapers

Natural photo wallpapers featuring forest motifs create a calming atmosphere in all rooms. Forest motifs invite you to dream and help your mental health, especially if you’re living in the urban jungle. If you want a relaxing walk in the forest to your home, then we recommend that you draw inspiration from the following text about all of the possibilities offered by forest photo wallpapers.

Which rooms are forest photo wallpapers suited to?

Bedrooms are a particularly good place for forest photo wallpapers. The motifs have a calming and empowering effect, which makes them perfect as a place to retreat to. What could be better than an invitation to dream and linger from romantic forest wallpaper motifs or to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and with the feeling of waking up in nature? Forest photo wallpapers support you perfectly in bringing your bedroom to life and perfecting it as a retreat. Forest photo wallpapers, therefore, feel like a real walk in the forest outside the bedroom too. Even in living rooms, forest photo wallpapers are a great way to update your feel-good atmosphere – because hardly any other design brings nature into your home with such proximity and realism.

In the living room, too, forest photo wallpapers are important and relaxing eye-catchers, which work wonders on large walls. Forest photo wallpapers are natural motifs and have a particularly soothing effect on your living room interior design, thanks to their natural colours.

Calming forest motifs are also very varied because from romantic deciduous forests, sunny autumn forests with colourful leaves and cosy coniferous forests next to them, there is a suitable motif for everyone. Photo wallpapers in black and white with forest motifs are also a popular version.

3D effect forest photo wallpapers

The 3D effect lends itself perfectly to forest motifs and will accompany these motifs constantly, as they make the forests look deceptively real. You’ll feel very close to nature. And if we are honest: you couldn’t find a better and more relaxed atmosphere. The mystical aura of forest photo wallpapers offers a further dimension with 3D effect, which perfects and visually completes the motif, which is already photorealistic. This makes photo wallpapers with forest motif and 3D effects feel even more true to life. If you’re now in the mood for natural designs, we can also offer you our floral photo wallpapers.

Forests for the kids’ room

Photo wallpapers featuring forest designs for kids’ rooms differ greatly from the other photorealistic motifs. Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms have a much more childlike, pleasant feel. In addition, there is usually a caricature or cartoon design to make the forest motifs look more child-friendly and to appeal more to the little ones. Often, forest design photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms featuring animals are adorned with other forest dwellers such as birds and insects to complement the kids’ forest photo wallpaper and make it look more lively. Kids can also learn more about the diversity of the forest and its inhabitants. Learn through play in beautiful interior surroundings – photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms will make everyone happy, however big or small they are. Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms with forest motifs are also characterised by a broad colour palette and harmonious colour combinations. It doesn’t matter if you prefer intensive colours or soft watercolours: there is the right photo wallpaper for any kids’ room on the popular forest theme. When designing a kids’ room with forest designs, it is not only kids’ imaginations that can run free; adults will also find everything they are looking for with these forest photo wallpapers.

Nature up close: Forest design photo wallpapers

The forest is full of life and diverse species. Not only does it give us humans energy, it also creates a habitat for a wide variety of species. We have also captured this diversity on our forest photo wallpapers. In addition to our forest photo wallpapers, here at, you will also find photo wallpapers with a focus on forest motifs and forest wildlife. Photo wallpapers with forest motifs and deer in the foreground are also particularly popular. There are different forests to discover as forest photo wallpapers: not only are deciduous forests and coniferous forests popular designs, forest photo wallpapers with birch trees are also very popular. Due to their black and white trunks, birch trees provide a beautiful contrast to their intensely grey flowering treetops and are therefore perfect as a photo wallpaper motif for a natural style break with your own interior design. Photo wallpapers with forest motifs are very easy to combine with your own interior design, and they work particularly well when combined with furniture in other natural effects such as wood, stone and slate. They also work very well with a Scandinavian interior design style as this is already very close to nature. If you’re a fan of the Scandinavian style and hygge is your interior design motto, you can find further suitable wallpaper choices for your favourite style. If you simply want to calm your yearnings with forest photo wallpaper or you want to design a room with no windows, photo wallpapers with a window effect work very well. These photo wallpapers brighten up the room and give it the right dimensions to transform your wall into a harmonious overall scene.

Discover our wide selection of forest photo wallpapers and soothe your yearning for nature with our diverse digital print motifs and options from new-walls.
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