Concrete & Brick Wall Mural

Stone, marble or concrete a natural material look for photo wallpapers

Living spaces featuring stone and concrete: these natural and raw surfaces are now an integral part of wall design.

Concrete photo wallpapers

Concrete photo wallpapers will create an eye-catching feature for any wall. Modern bedrooms, industrial style kitchens or living rooms with a loft character work particularly well with the versatile concrete look. It doesn’t matter if it’s a consistent industrial style, a colourful mix of styles for a big-city ambience or as a contrast to refined designer furniture. Choose your favourite concrete photo wallpaper.

Stone effect photo wallpapers

Untreated, raw textured surfaces are a successful ongoing trend for the walls. Natural and industrial stone looks are particularly popular, with plenty of details for a realistic impression.

Elegant photo wallpapers with a marble design

Marble photo wallpapers are classic and possess timeless beauty. They show the best side of this noble stone, and not only do they look convincingly real, they are also very affordable and can be quickly and easily hung. Find your best marble wallpaper online!

Marble in every colour: from classic black and white to brilliant natural colours. See for yourself how beautiful the best-selling photo wallpapers in our range are.

Marble wallpaper trends

Photo wallpapers with textures and surface visual effects

Photo wallpapers with rough surfaces, natural structures and detailed representations become a star on the wall. That’s why stone and concrete photo wallpapers are absolutely on trend. Refined marble, colourful quartz, brick walls and weathered concrete are favourite photo wallpapers.

Natural surfaces look varied and, thanks to the razor-sharp digital print quality, the colours and texture of the materials are perfectly showcased. Photo wallpapers with natural textured looks are very eye-catching, but they look discreet and can be combined in a variety of ways. The realistic textures create a varied mural and a subtle three-dimensional effect that tricks the eye and looks naturally real.

The clear favourites amongst the photo wallpapers with their surface structure are stone and concrete looks.

Stone photo wallpapers are as diverse as the material itself. Anyone will find the right motif, with the large selection of coloured natural stones, brickwork motifs, rock gardens and landscapes.

Brick walls with red bricks, rough plaster or a whitewashed look create a loft character and are perfect for industrial-style living. Natural stone masonry can be combined with modern and romantic decor and brings that outdoor feeling into your own four walls.

Concrete look photo wallpapers are neck and neck with stone motifs when it comes to their popularity. The construction material is more than just grey. Modern concrete looks with clear shapes, and an even surface structure will often find their place on office walls or in a living room with designer furniture and refined decor.

The concrete look is also often combined with attractive shapes and striking 3D designs, for expressive and idiosyncratic statements. Brittle and worn concrete surfaces with inclusions, cracks and a weathered look provide a varied concrete appearance and convey the classic industrial style. Concrete photo wallpapers get a backyard feel with graffiti decor, for an urban feeling either at home or in a bar.

Marble photo wallpapers enjoy undeniable popularity. The refined material look ensures a high-quality and classically elegant wall decor. Marble looks are now so popular that they are an essential part of trendy living room landscapes. The precious and always varied stone look has a timeless beauty and, with its natural design, fits in with different interior styles. In addition to the striking black and white marble with fine marbling, our digital print wallpapers also possess intensely coloured marble looks. The refined character of the marble look is also emphasised with golden highlights.

As an alternative to marble, quartz looks with a colourful play of colours and various inclusions are becoming increasingly popular.

However, other materials such as wood are amongst the natural textures and surfaces, which are showcased just as well in the form of photo wallpaper, beautifying your walls. The popularity of the shading, texture and grain of various materials can be seen not only in the variety of stone, concrete or wood photo wallpapers. The structures and surfaces appear more and more frequently on modern, abstract and artistic photo wallpaper motifs. You’ll encounter this trend again and again if you embark on a tour of discovery in our shop.
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