Colourful Photo Wallpaper


These photo wallpapers bring colour to your life. Are you the colourful type with no fear of bright colours? Then these intense digital print wallpapers are perfect for your walls.

Your statement colour:

Just one or all at the same time – you decide! Find the right photo wallpaper for your walls.

Intensive colours

The colourful photo wallpaper displays varied patterns and motifs in brilliant colours. Discover fresh blossoms and buds in their full glory or harmonious motifs for a relaxed room atmosphere.

Colour scheme

Colour gradients, ombre effects, neon colours, tone-on-tone motifs and even more exciting colour effects will turn your wall into an eye-catching feature. With the photo wallpapers in the colourful style, you will create colour highlights which will draw every eye.


No more grey views! With cheerful and colourful photo wallpapers in unusual designs, you can create beautiful wall decor. No matter how gloomy the sky gets, the brightly coloured digital prints will add colour to your wall and your life.

Photo wallpapers - Colourful

Colour explosions for your walls. Bring colour into your living environment with the photo wallpapers from our Colourful section. These digital prints are guaranteed to be eye-catching, put you in a good mood every day and let your visitors know how much you love colour.

These photo wallpapers are not just colourful; they are also bright and varied in their colours and patterns. There is no chance that they will be boring. Forget white walls and uniform decor; when Colourful photo wallpapers adorn your walls, you won’t just be showing your proverbial true colours, you’ll also be showcasing your very own style and ability to choose a daring design.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your own four walls at home that you want to bring to life or if you want to make a statement in your office, shop or clubhouse. These bright and colourful photo wallpapers will jazz the place up.

You’ll need to show some courage to create an XXL colour explosion, but it will be well rewarded. One wall will turn into a work of art, will put you in a good mood and be a conversation starter.

The palette of colours is extensive – rainbow, pastel, neon, contrasting and complementary colours. From dark forest green to delicate sky blue, magenta to powder pink, fiery red, fresh orange through to sunny yellow. You decide whether you want a monochrome look or all the colours of the rainbow on one wallpaper.

Of course, the colours on our Colourful photo wallpapers are the focal point, but the patterns and motifs leave a lasting impression on observers. These photo wallpapers obviously have nothing in common with monotone colours on the wall; they will surprise you with textures, effects or colour schemes in the best digital print quality.

What colour should your photo wallpaper be – just one colour or all the colours? Discover the colourful motif that fits into your living environment. Perhaps the bright green jungle photo wallpaper for your dining room, the pink rhinoceros for your apartment hallway, the 3D honeycomb in vibrant yellow for your home office or the multicolour splash for your living room?

Say goodbye to bare walls and bring a little more colour and variety to your life with bright photo wallpaper. Take a look at the options available to you and decide for yourself how much colour your walls can take. Photo wallpapers come in almost all motifs and colours. At new walls, you’ll have the agony of choice – all you have left to do is decide on your photo wallpaper!

For even more flexibility and choice, you can use our photo wallpaper configurator – not only can you select your dimensions of choice with this tool, you can also edit the colour, alignment and orientation of your photo wallpaper motif. Click through and discover your dream wallpaper at new walls.
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