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We’ve put together a collection of our best-selling photo wallpapers to show you how other people have used wallpaper in their homes and which trendy photo wallpapers you mustn’t miss out on.

Forest photo wallpaper – the cosy classic!

You’ll sleep very deeply with photo wallpapers featuring forests or nature motifs.
Combine your new style with great accessories and fragrances to go with the new feeling of the room.

If you haven’t got out of bed yet, then you’ve now got a great reason to do so ;-).

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Kitchen photo wallpaper – Attention, marble lovers

get the popular marble look for your home.
In our photo wallpaper collection, we’ve put together a wide variety of models for you to choose from.

Take a look at Instagram for some more inspiration.

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Photo wallpaper for kids’ rooms

Little ones want to be challenged and encouraged, so why not simply put up a photo wallpaper with great motifs in the kids’ room to really stimulate their imagination.

We have an extra page dedicated to our favourite people, our children, featuring animals, unicorns and more.

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Living room photo wallpaper – live by your own style.

In our online wallpaper shop, we have plenty of suggestions and ideas for your living room design. Your own interior design style should be the focus here. Do you love all things floral? Then choose a floral photo wallpaper from our range.

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3D wallpapers with a strong depth effect

It can be a good idea to visually increase the size of small rooms. In addition to light colours and light wallpapers, there are also photo wallpapers that make the room appear larger due to their spatial effect.

We’ve put plenty of options together for you.

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How to apply photo wallpapers correctly

Mr. Handyman shows on his YouTube channel how you can best apply our photo wallpapers. He had a cool idea. Take a look for yourself:

Best-selling photo wallpapers

Discover your current photo wallpaper favourites and learn which designs are more popular and are most frequently hung on the walls.

Are you looking for something special for your flat or house? Instead of buying new furniture or simply repainting, you should choose photo wallpapers that transform your wall into an eye-catching feature. Instead of boring woodchip wallpaper and always the same paint in a neutral colour, why not really let rip and go for a photo wallpaper. With a striking design, oversized motifs and great 3D effects, your wall will become the feature that adds style to your room. Not only do photo wallpapers create a good mood vibe and allow you to express your unusual style, they are a conversation starter and are sure to grab any visitor’s attention.

Our best-selling photo wallpapers will give you an insight into how wide the selection of trendy wallpapers actually is. Let us inspire you and discover what people are putting up on their walls and what most other wallpaper fans are choosing. The spectrum ranges from classic landscape pictures that evoke a holiday feel to abstract designs that adorn the wall like a modern work of art.

Popular photo wallpapers for any room

It doesn’t matter if you want to redesign your kitchen, your living room or a bedroom with photo wallpaper; we have a design that works with your living concept. Are you still unsure whether photo wallpapers will really work for you and your home? Then see for yourself what a wide variety is available and check out the modern wallpaper designs in an XXL format.

Forget the dusty image photo wallpapers once had; modern digital prints can do much more than the early designs that you may still recall from the 70s or 80s. Admittedly, you can still get photo wallpaper featuring exotic palm-lined beaches and autumnal forests, but the range goes far beyond this now. Modern photo wallpapers offer you a huge selection of photo motifs, designs and artistic styles to create an atmosphere in almost any room.

For living rooms and bedrooms, floral photo wallpapers in a jungle design are just as popular as industrial-look motifs with stone effects and 3D concrete designs. Whether you prefer the boho style or you’d rather bring a modern loft look to your home, the right photo wallpaper motif will create the right feeling in your room right away.

Do you like the idea of a wallpaper featuring a brick wall, but the top-selling photo wallpaper with red bricks isn’t your thing? Then you should definitely take a look at the wide selection of on-trend photo wallpapers and find your own favourites. You don’t need to stick to the trends; you can also discover your own new photo wallpaper at Simply take a look at our photo wallpaper collection and choose a special motif by Patel, the designer couple or choose a striking design from the ARTist range.

You will also find the popular marble-look wallpapers amongst our best-selling photo wallpapers, which will create a feature in your bathroom or kitchen with its discreet design. You haven’t read it wrongly – at, you can buy photo wallpaper which is also suitable for the kitchen and the bathroom. We always print your photo wallpaper to order, in your desired dimensions and taking into account any individual modifications and on a high-quality non-woven backing. Thanks to the high-quality materials and long-lasting colours, our digital print wallpapers are very resilient. They are light-resistant and will not fade. The photo wallpapers are also washable, meaning that you can remove soiling from the wallpaper with a damp sponge. Visit our advice page to find out more about the non-woven materials used for our photo wallpapers.

Are you looking for photo wallpaper for the kids’ room? The trendy photo wallpapers for kids and young people make an appearance in the selection of the best-selling photo wallpapers.

The colourful motifs include:

  • forest-dwelling animals,
  • farms,
  • rainbows,
  • clouds and
  • construction sites
  • through to superheroes.

For the new nursery, we have neutral photo wallpapers that work for either boys or girls and for teens, our range includes courageous designs and expressive motifs. Photo wallpapers for kids’ rooms help kids to make their kingdom beautiful, to make it larger from a visual perspective and to express the character of the occupants.

Generally speaking, children know exactly how they want to design their living space, so instead of clicking through the huge range of photo wallpapers, use the search function and a suitable keyword to find the right selection of wallpapers.

Hallway, dining room, home office, guest room, hobby room – you’re guaranteed to find the right photo wallpaper in our online range. Browse through our list of bestsellers and the individual photo wallpaper categories to find the right motif to beautify your room.

Customise your favourite photo wallpapers

Once you have selected your own favourite photo wallpaper, you should take a look at the additional options for customising the wallpaper. You can design many of our digital print motifs according to your ideas with just a few details. Select up to four different non-woven materials with special finishes and textures, enter the individual dimensions of your desired photo wallpapers and select the right motif section. In addition, you can decide whether the photo wallpapers should be printed in black and white or sepia and whether you want to change the orientation of the motif.
If you can’t find the design options you’re looking for, then simply contact us via; we will be happy to advise you and make your dreams come true. This also applies if you want to print your own image as a photo wallpaper. Simply get in touch, we’ll be very happy to hear from you.

Photo wallpapers – quality and price

The photo wallpapers at are individually created digital prints of the highest quality. Made in Germany, the wallpapers created by the manufacturer A.S. Création guarantee long-lasting, high-quality wall design. The photo wallpapers have received multiple certifications and correspond to the requirements of the independent testing institutes RAL and FSC. The materials used and the production processes are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. All wallpapers also correspond to the requirements for construction products and bear the CE label in line with the EU directive.

In our range, you will find great value photo wallpapers in the standard format at reasonable prices, as well as photo wallpaper motifs that can be customised according to your own ideas and needs. For the modifiable wallpapers, we calculate a standard price per square metres, meaning that your requirements determine the price of the photo wallpaper. Here at, we do not charge any additional fees for adaptation, special formats or modification requests. This means that you will be able to retain an overview of the costs of your dream wallpaper.

Tip: You can save on photo wallpapers thanks to our regular promotions. If you follow us on social media, then we will be able to send you regular updates about discount promotions and competitions on Instagram and Facebook.

And what sort of wallpaper is photo wallpaper?

You have the choice between suitable non-woven wallpapers with a subtle, single-colour look or coordinated patterned wallpapers with textured effects for a more intense feeling in the room, as well as texture on the wall. If you are buying a photo wallpaper, you should also think about the other walls in the room. This is not only a good idea because this will allow you to create a harmonious and contrast-rich overall image in the room, but also because you already have your ladder, paste and pasting brush to hand.

To find the right wallpapers, take a look at our trend pages or search the entire wallpaper range for a certain colour with the help of the filter.

So that you can be absolutely certain of your choice when choosing wallpaper, we give you the opportunity to order a free material sample of the non-woven materials for the photo wallpapers. This means that you can compare the different finishes and textures based on a standard motif. For normal wallpapers, you can also order sample sections so that you can see in advance whether the wallpapers match each other and that you like them. You can find more on the topic of ordering samples on our advice page.

Of course, a neutral wall design in an individual colour will also go well with photo wallpaper. Our solution for this is the paintable wallpapers, which can be individually designed with ordinary commercially available wall paint and which bring a greater depth of colour with their own textures. Anyone who likes a really plain and simple look can combine a smooth, paintable non-woven lining wallpaper with the photo wallpaper.


Do you have any more questions about our photo wallpapers, or would you like to send us your own image to print in XXL format? Then simply contact our service team – we will be happy to help.

If you want to find out more about hanging photo wallpapers, then take a look at our wallpapering video for non-woven wallpapers or read our how-to guide on the advice pages. Or alternatively, you can contact us via WhatsApp chat if you wish to ask us any special questions about wallpapering.

What’s popular with wallpaper fans:

We have put together the best-selling wallpapers at for you on this page; by taking a look at the selection, you will also be able to recognise the various opportunities for integrating photo wallpapers into your living environment. If you’re looking to add more colour and design to your living space, the top photo wallpapers are exactly the right product for you.

You decide which style you want for your walls and which trends work for your home. Turn your home into a beautiful living space now and create a new feeling in your room, with inspiring designs for your four walls.
With photo wallpapers and wallpapers, you can create a design update that will not only allow your walls to shine in a new light, but will also show off your furniture and decor. Browse the online shop now to find a new feel for your home and discover options and styles.

Find your photo wallpaper favourites at now and buy the latest eye-catching styles for your home online, quickly and easily.
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