Animal Photo Wallpaper

Animal photo wallpapers

Take note, animal lovers! With these photo wallpapers at, housemates from the animal kingdom will move in with you too.

Clear the ring for these impressive photo wallpapers with animal motifs in XXL format. Embark on a journey of discovery and seek out your new animal roommates.

Find your dream photo wallpaper with animals

Wildly good animal wallpapers

Wild animal designs for your walls

Whether it’s a true-to-nature sketch, a colourful watercolour, or a cute comic, photo wallpapers featuring animals offer an individual feeling for your home, in different and individual styles.

Get up close and personal with lions, tigers and elephants, dive into the underwater world with fish, dolphins and whales or let your eyes fly with birds and butterflies.

Animal photo wallpaper

Clear the ring for the animal photo wallpapers from Find the right wild animal and pet motifs to adorn your walls. The popular animal motifs will appeal to all animal friends.

Little ones want lions, elephants or the whole zoo, circus or farm on their walls. Teens, on the other hand, want animal print wallpapers or photo wallpapers featuring their favourite animals hanging in their room. For adults, too, animal photo wallpapers are a popular wall decoration that will not only put you in a good mood, they will also win you over with their stylistic diversity.

In addition to photorealistic motifs which display animals in their natural beauty and look real enough to touch, there are plenty of animal photo wallpapers in various designs. Modern drawing styles, animal collages, classical art styles or watercolours show the land, air and water animals from a different perspective. The atmospheric designs will provide an eye-catching feature for any wall.

Cute puppies, forest animals and zoo animals are a popular choice for the walls of the kids’ room. Cat lovers get an animal addition with photo wallpapers featuring lions, tigers and panthers. Songbirds are often used together with clouds, flowers and butterflies to create feminine interior styles.

For stylish variety, hand-drawn animal motifs, chalk looks or watercolours will provide stylish variety. Animal photo wallpapers are also in demand in combination with modern surface looks, such as wood and concrete. Natural or stylised animal motifs also provide an eye-catching feature in front of a neutral background.

Designed in this way, the animal digital print wallpapers fit not only in living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms but also on walls in public spaces: imaginative animal motifs such as dinosaurs and unicorns are a real hit for kindergartens, children’s libraries or in the classroom.
From the pet shop to the trendy café, the spectacular animal photo wallpapers with 3D effect or in elegant black and white style will find their place anywhere.

If you can’t find your favourite animal in our selection or you want a very specific animal motif for your wall, simply write to us [contact form]. We’ll be very happy to help you find your dream photo wallpaper. We are happy to accommodate individual requests. Using the configurator, not only can you state your measurements of choice, you can also change many additional details of the photo wallpapers, thus putting together your photo wallpaper of choice.

Find your favourite animal or your spirit animal as an XXL digital print. Transform your wall with life-size and larger-than-life wildlife such as wolves, tigers, eagles, pandas or octopuses. Bring the animal world into your home and experience what the savannah, jungle or underwater atmosphere feels like in your living space when decorated with animal photo wallpapers.

Digital print wallpapers featuring animals are perfect for large and small animal friends, as they create a pleasant atmosphere and expressive wall decor.
Natural and stylistic diversity creates a huge selection of photo wallpapers: pumas wearing aviator goggles, rabbits in frock coats, watercolour fish, elegant horses and magical unicorns, cute forest dwellers like owls and squirrels, prehistoric animals and dinosaurs and much, much more!
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